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President Takes A Dip in the Gulf; Says It’s Clean & Safe

David Shepherd  [dshepherd@wtwo.com] – Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gulf Coast beaches are clean, safe and open for business, according to President Obama Saturday, as he and his family take a “working vacation” on Florida’s Panhandle.

The President pledged to “keep up our efforts until the environment is cleaned, polluters are held accountable, business and communities are made whole, and the people of the Gulf Coast are back on their feet.”

From Panama City to Biloxi, the Gulf Coast towns, which depend on tourism revenues, are more like ghost towns as the spill has many Americans making other vacation plans.

Before the spill, a hot summer weekend would attract thousands of vacationers to Panama City’s white sandy beaches and crystal blue Gulf waters.  Even before tar balls began coming ashore, there was a sharp decline in tourism revenues there.  As the spill grew, the number of tourists tanked. 

With so many people and businesses depending on the tourism dollars that continue to vanish because of the spill, the President sent a

NBC Photo

 confident message that Gulf waters are safe and open for business; he and daughter, Sasha, took a swim in the Gulf.

In a statement from the First Family, the Obamas say they came down to “enjoy the beach and the water — to let our fellow Americans know that they should come on down here.”

The trip has been on the books since Mr. Obama began taking heat for not heeding his own advice that Americans should vacation in the Gulf.  Critics point to the President’s North Carolina vacation and his planned trip to Martha’s Vineyard later this month, as not “practicing what he preaches.”


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