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BREAKING NEWS: McChrystal Leaves White House After Oval Office Meeting

New Information: (10:30 a.m. eastern) Gen. Stanley McChrystal has left The White House after a half hour meeting in the Oval Office with President Obama.

Sources tell NBC News McChrystal has left the White House (and won’t be returning).  He was scheduled to meet with the National Security team at the White House after his meeting with the president.

McChrystal’s quick exit is further stirring the pot of rumors that he has either been fired or resigned.

The president plans to address the nation sometime later this morning or early this afternoon to announce his decision.

This is a developing story.



Afghanistan’s top U.S. Commander comes face to face with the Commander-In-Chief Wednesday.

General Stanley McChrystal denies media reports that he plans to resign as he meets with President Obama in the Oval Office.

As of 10:00 AM (eastern), Obama and McChrystal were huddled in the Oval to discuss controversial remarks made to Rolling Stone magazine.

White House aides tell NBC News it is unlikely McChrystal will keep his job.  It’s unclear whether McChrystal will resign or be fired.

The President plans to go before the media Wednesday to discuss the results of the meeting.

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